Melissa Gregory Rue

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Narrative. 12 min. 53 sec.

Ethan, a young father on the verge of hitting bottom, has a sobering realization at a 7 year old’s birthday party.


ethan Patrick Green
jack Tommy Hestmark
austin Elisha Henig
shannon Sydney Somerfield
chastity Casey Pfeifer
chastity's son Jordan Moultrie
crystal Danielle Pecoff


writers, producers + directors
Melissa Gregory Rue and Aaron Nelson-Caviglia
director of photography
Aaron Nelson-Caviglia
assistant director
Zsuzsanna Mangu
art director
Corey Moultrie
executive producer
Steven Waters
Aaron Nelson-Caviglia
Land Between the Lakes, BD Winfield, Cicada Omega
key grip + gaffer
Dylan Wainwright
sound recordist
Ian Stout
costume designer
Marsha Breuer
craft services
Shanya Luther
production assistants
Molly Preston, Shelbi Roake, Hannah Stewart
additional sound
David Rue and Melissa Gregory Rue
sound mastering
Wayne Woods, Sonic Media Studios
color correction
Aaron Nelson-Caviglia


Dream Film Showcase, Vancouver, WA 2015

Dream Film Showcase Laurels  Portland Previews Official Selection 2015

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